“Nell is a hugely versatile vocalist with a warm, rich and distinctive personal style.”
Kate Mullins, Vocalist and Puppini Sister


Born in Sydney, Australia, Nell Greco’s passion for music was uncompromisingly obvious from an early age. In fact, one of her earliest memories involves dancing around the kitchen in her favourite red dress, singing Ritchie Valens’ ‘La Bamba.’ It would mark the beginning of an enduring love, and it wasn’t long before she was searching for a way to express her own creativity through dance and music.

Nell trained for several years as a vocalist with a private tutor, and performed in various funk and soul bands, before turning her attention to jazz. Enthralled by the smooth crooning and rugged emotion of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s duets, she channeled her energy into learning more about their style, techniques and the foundations of their music. Soon she was listening to artists such as Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone and Eva Cassidy; creating the foundation of her own vocal style.

But it wasn’t until she departed her hometown and embarked on a new adventure in London, that she discovered a scene where she could live out her creative dream. She began Lindy Hop dancing, and was soon performing with the Kings Cross Hot Club – playing Gypsy-swing and loving it.

Under the tutelage of acclaimed vocalist Kate Mullins, Nell’s performance and technique have matured further, and she now performs trad jazz, Gypsy-swing and French chanson across London. She performs with Pedro Velasco in the duo, Akimbo, and leads the Chanson Française and manouche-inspired, Nell & The Hot Mess Muggers, who are releasing their debut album later in 2018.


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